It has been a few months since I have been online… I actually forgot I had a blog… So much has gone on. Its been a headache. For now we are staying with my mother & waiting to see how our plan works. Andrew is wanting to join the army… Hard decision, but after he made a 70 on the asvab we just decided he should go for it. We also got married on 2-8-13. Andrew came home and asked if I wanted to get married. I of course said yes so we made a trip down to the courthouse. I am happy with our decision instead of a big wedding. Easier. Ill try to get back and post what is happening or has happened. We are looking for diets kind of like the military diet or something to help Andrew enlist. We don’t have money for gyms so that is out. & it has been raining daily here. Thanks & I will be back soon (hopefully).


2013 Goals

I wrote these back in December, but haven’t had time to post them.
So here is my new goals… Don’t laugh.

Dress more modestly… It is hard with big breasts.

Pray more often(love everything) (with everyone).

Smile always. All the time. No matter what.

Read the bible daily.

Make more time for my relationships (including God).

Always say thank you & use manners.

Trust God

Become someone -that person God tells you to be.

Praise him more often (even in the valleys and thru the storms)

Love. Thats it. Unconditionally. Everyone.

Make the most of every day.

God = 1st priority.

Let everyone know who my Daddy is… GOD

Apologize Lift people up instead of bringing them down.

Be satisfied through God.

FOCUS. ….on God…. all the time!!!

be a Princess … Of God.

Become a Queen (mother of a daughter )

Get married to my best friend
(Andrew) 4-27-13

Finish college

Let Trevor be a big boy… Thats the hardest but I am getting better.

Show/teach Trevor how to become/be a man of God

Be confident

Change inside out & outside in.

Lose weight.

If I wouldn’t say it to Jesus just don’t say it.

Tweet, fb, insta.. Something encouraging daily.

Use trails as learning experiences.

Treat everyone as if they were Jesus

Be redeemed.

Pray for Andrew daily

Send Andrew one encouragement text and one love text daily… When I get my new phone..

Do a 31(28-31) Random Acts of Kindness each month.

Sing. Loud.

Drink less coke… Stop drinking cokes.

Eat healthy.

Cook more.

Play more.

Stress less- Gods got this.

Make sure nothing but Christian music is streaming.. WE REACHED THIS GOAL LAST YEAR LETS DO IT AGAIN THIS YEAR(:

Stop watching Teen Mom or anything else that is unhealthy or takes from God

Visit a new church bimonthly. When we get the car fixed.

Attend Wed/Sun service..

Save more spend less coupon everything … ALMOST THERE

Thankful he saved. Should have been me.

Quit wasting time. Become someone/something.

Thank God for simple pleasures.

Instead of asking God to do for me… Ask every day what He needs of me.

Get back on my blog (tada) & have it mean something… Pray that it becomes a good blog.

Feed Trevor more healthy food. Silk/Milk apples/fries green beans/candy water/juice baked chicken/fried chicken….

Foster Family?????

Have family time nightly. No tv. No phones. Bible & family only.

Volunteer more.

Refuse to be anxious.

Refuse to be unhappy

Find contentment, rest, peace, and joy in any situation.

Don’t be envious… Seek God.

Let me know what you think & please help me through this battle.


Has there ever been a time when you just want to punch someone and keep on going til they are no longer breathing. Yes? Well, maybe not normal people. I know our families do that to us. We can be doing everything right for our son and still do everything wrong. We can pay all of our bills and have no money left over for fun and still be wrong. We can clean and take care of our house and bc of our son thinking the whole house is a jungle gym still be totally wrong. I am a new mother. I don’t have 5 kids running around. I have been raised around lil ones, but none of them my own. I have been volunteering for some time now with babies, but none of them mine forever. So this is all new to me. Am I wrong for running him to the hospital with a fever and using all of our gas? Am I wrong for using the little bit of money we have to buy his essentials and forget about the bills? What am I not doing right? This kid always has a rash. We use natural wipes, change him often, give him plenty of baths, tried every cream out there(always prescribed), and used plenty of air(going without diaper). We have also tried baking soda in the bath, vinegar in the bath(yes at separate times), and no acidy foods/drinks. And even though we’ve been to the doctor a million times for this and the hospital (once when he was bleeding really bad), I am still catching heat from this situation. I mean I did carry him for nine months, although I may have only known about him for 6 of those. He is mine. I birthed him. I stayed with him when everyone else had other priorities. I am his mother. I have been his only constant in his whole short little life. 

All I know to tell myself is pray.

I pray about this situation all the time. I have so much anger built inside me. I take it out on Andrew all the time. All the problems from my past have risen to today. I am so angry at the world. I am angry at myself.  Idk why I cannot get rid of this anger. Prayer and praise seem to be the only answer. Medicine just makes me out there. I cannot be the best mother on pills. The doctors thought I was doing better, but I just slept all day long or went and hung out with friends(with Trevor of course). It wasn’t fair for me not to be focusing my attention on him 24/7. He wasn’t getting what he deserved. So I prayed. It is still a struggle. Like this morning( it is currently 1:02 am). I would be giving you bible verses, but my mind is going in circles thinking nobody wants to hear this stuff and sleep! Andrew has been snoring for some time now… It is so hard to concentrate. Please let me know if you have this problem with family or loved ones. I can relate to you and actually make sense at a later date.

Rivers of Hope

businessman in bondage
(iStock Photo/Dmitriy Shironosov)

To train a new generation for ministry we must get rid of pride and pretension

My friend Charles wanted a mentor. He was eager to learn the ropes of ministry, so he asked an older pastor for training. The pastor agreed—but Charles soon realized the man wanted a valet, not an apprentice. Charles became the man’s “armor bearer.”

The man never took Charles on hospital visits, involved him in ministry assignments or prayed with him. Instead, Charles was expected to carry the pastor’s briefcase, fetch coffee and take suits to the cleaners—with no salary offered. In this case, “armor bearer” was a spiritualized term for “slave.”

This bizarre trend became popular in churches 20 years ago, but it still thrives. It appeals to insecure leaders who need an entourage to make them feel important. Some pastors have even assigned trainees to serve as bodyguards—complete with dark glasses…

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This is still a work in progress but I’m attempting to organize all our household paperwork into 3 binders. Some call these Family or Home binders. If anyone has tips or suggestions please leave me a comment!
I wanted to bring all our weekly household organization into one binder, but that proved to be just too much of a headache. 1. Home 2. Fiances 3. Crafts

& then of course I have my coupon binder…. but thats at a later date…

some ideas
Bills – For checking off bills when they’re paid
Birthdays – for quick reference of upcoming birthdays
Budget – Monthly budget to keep track of spending (laminate and reuse!)
Contacts – For phone #, emails, addresses etc.
Home Costs – I use this to keep up with our house improvement costs that can be deducted off our taxes if we ever buy/sell a house
Register – Keeping track of income/expenses. I’ve been relying on Quicken for years but am hoping that writing instead of typing will help me watch our spending better. We’ll see!
Taxes – To keep track of tax deductions throughout the year instead of trying to remember them all when tax time rolls around.

More wedding

Ok nobody really supports our decision to marry… I do understand why, but I really just want it to be for real now. I want a beautiful outside wedding. Please Help us find a property for this occasion….


I love to coupon. Yes I am an extreme couponer … Well almost. I love it with a passion. I can’t wait til Sunday to grab a newspaper… So I go online and grab a few coupons… I do not currently work so this is my way of providing for my family… Saving tons of money. If you have any coupons or ideas let me know! I also give out tips to people. In a few weeks I will post what we saved on Trevor’s birthday